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We ARe Lakeland! go eagles!

Lakeland High School


We ARe Lakeland! go eagles!

Lakeland High School

We ARe Lakeland! go eagles!

Lakeland High School

Girls Varsity Figure Skating

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

10 months ago

Girls Varsity Figure Skating has two teams qualify for State Competition

Game Date
Feb 5, 2017

The Varsity Figure Skating Team competed today at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube in the third district competition.  With intense competition all day long the A and B team came out on top with a first place bid to the State Competition which will be March 23 and 24th at the Novi Ice Arena.

The A team had a first place sweep in the spins and moves, and placed 2nd in jumps.  Emily Schelling from Brighton and Abigail Hrobsky from Lakeland both did two elements for the team which helped secure a state birth.  Cora DeWyre from South Lyon, Megan Paweski from Hartland, Anya Roth, Rachel Scheske from Milford, Amanda Vermillion from South Lyon East, and Courtney Luck were all on the first place Spins and Moves teams.  The jump team which also consisted of Emily Denhof from Milford and Isabella Pagogna from Lakeland didn't disappoint by landing consistent jumps.  This will be the A teams 7th consecutive time earning a spot at the State Competition.

The B team led by freshman Chloe Pagogna from Lakeland who did 3 elements for the team.  And not to be out shined; her teammates also performed at the top of there game by executing solid and strong elements.  The Jumps team consisting of Samantha Peterson from Lakeland, Easton Johnson of Milford, and Avrie Shettler from Milford placed 3rd.  The Moves team placing 2nd was formed by Eva Samoylov from Lakeland, Hannah Riley Jeannette from Lakeland, Lauren Katch from Hartland and Elise Payne from Hartland.  The final elements were the Spins team whom led them into a strong 2nd was Erin Scheske from Milford, and Cynthia Kaars-Muholland from Milford.

The C team performed well and were in 2nd place until the very last elements.  In fact the C team was only one point away from also getting a State birth.  Although it can be disappointing for the skaters to not go to States, this was by far the most successful year for the C team.  Earning medals at every competition and even placing first numerous of times.  The Jumps team consisted of Jessica Lask of Hartland, and Ellie Megel of Brighton.  The Moves team was comprised of Jessica Lask of Hartland, Madelyn Leblanc-Wakefield of Lakeland, and Hannah Grimes of Hartland.  Finally the Spins team had Rachelle Noch from Lakeland, Ellie Megel of Brighton, and Jessica Lask of Hartland.  The C team will get another chance to compete at the High School Finals at the end of March which will be against teams from all over the country.

The team also recognized its nine seniors (see photo):  Isabella Pagogna (Lakeland), Stefanie Garbacz (Lakeland), Rachelle Noch (Lakeland), Emily Denhof (Milford), Courtney Luck, Eva Samoylov (Lakeland) and Anya Roth.  

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